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The 'Deception - Podcast for Magicians' is a weekly audio show, where Jonti Sparrow, Aaron Hayes, Jordan O'Grady & guests take an irreverant look at magic news from around the globe and discuss some of the topics and questions that turn up in the magic community. PLUS Giveaways and MUCH MORE!

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Past episodes are still available below:

Ep40 - 'Unbelievable Jeff!' - 31/07/15

This week, Jordan RETURNS, we chat about magic bombing and kickstarter kustom kard katastrophes. Doc Eason sounds like he's playing with himself and we hear from you about your blind spots in magic.

Ep39 - 'Doved Up' - 17/07/15

On this week's show... Piff's red box, Tellar's red ball and Jonti's red wine. We check out 'Magicast', and get your opinions on being always 'on'.

Ep38 - 'Kissing Penises' - 10/07/15

This week, it's all about 'FISM's Got Talent', Dead doctors, Nuns in toilets and Jonti & Aaron's wedding. Plus we talk more comics (sorry) and get your thoughts on 'performing turfs'.

Ep37 - '3rd Times A Charm' - 03/07/15

After a month off for our 'summer break' we are BACK with 'Series 3' of the Deception Podcast, all your regular favourites are back, including a tour of England (as the raven flies), #changing the face of magic advertising and Magic Mike getting more magical. PLUS Daniel Meadows sounds like he's playing with himself, we hear some 'highlights' from Deception Convention 2015 and we get your thoughts on being filmed at tables!

Ep36 - '#TEAMRAVEN' - 03/06/15

This week, Magician Vs Dog, Jordan messes up, Chad Long plays with his flash drive & we hear your thoughts on performing televised magic.

Ep35 - 'Syndication' - 13/05/15

'USA! USA!' An America special this week as Troy goes stateside, we talk Atlantic City and Jordan heads to Vegas. Bro Gilbert sounds like he's playing with his Wishbone and we ask you what you do for a living... you know, when you're living, what do you do?

Ep34 - 'Munk Kagic' - 13/05/15

Short show this week... Dynamo heads up Glastonbury's magic, A lady from Vegas gets on her bike, BBC Merseyside gets punked and we hear all about 'magician foolers'.

Ep33 - 'The Major Of Where?' - 06/05/15

On this week's show... The passing of a legend, dodgy inking and paying the mortgage with 'exposure'. We have another round of our quiz, Ben Salinas sounds like he's playing with himself and we get your thoughts on the magic of the INTERNET!

Ep32 - 'That One With The Stick Man' - 29/04/15

This week... More BGT with stick men and mental dogs, Richard Sanderrs sounds like he's playing with his 'Turbo Stick' and we get your thoughts on the usability of 'self workers'

Ep31 - 'For The Love Of Dog' - 22/04/15

This Week, Dogs in masks. Jordan breaks a record, Dave Loosley sounds like he's playing with himself and we get your pieces of advice for new magicians.

Ep30 - 'Pulling A Quad Off' - 15/04/15

This Week, Penn slowly disappears and 'Yo Dawg, I heard you like cars and trucks in your magic tricks, so we put a car in a truck so you can do a magic trick with a truck with a car in it'. Jordan quizzes Aaron and Jonti and he sounds like he's playing with himself. PLUS, we get your thoughts on that one trick that you just don't 'get'... All this and more!

Ep29 - 'FUMPH!' - 08/04/15

On this week's show we magically move to wednesdays, #TroyJoy becomes a thing, Dynamo ditches TV and dads are still annoying. Aaron quizzes Jonti and Jordan on Henry Evans' effects and we find out what effect you perform first... All this and more!

Ep28 - 'ROBO-JORDAN' - 20/03/15

This week, David Copperfield goes for a swim and Killer Magic goes down a storm. We try out a NEW quiz feature, Kieron Johnson sounds like he's playing with himself and we get your thoughts on the WORST aspect of being a magician... All this and more!

Ep27 - 'Oh My!' - 20/03/15

This week, Killer Magic returns, Jordan goes viral and Derren treads the boards again. We quiz Aaron and Jordan on Mr. Brown and announce our winner of the 'Sew On' competition. We start a new competition to win a 'Big Blind Media Bundle', Marvellous Matthew Wright sounds like he's playing with himself and we find out about the last effect you STOPPED performing.

Ep26 - 'I Love A Bit Of Dickens' - 13/03/15

On this week's show...Twins in the movies, Troy on the telly and Houdini in a bottle. Our pop quiz is all about Copperfield, we continue our give away for a signed copy of 'Sew On' by Roddy McGhie, Stephen Leathwaite sounds like he's playing with himself and we hear some of your memories about that first ever gig.

Ep25 - 'You're Gonna Need A Bigger Banner' - 06/03/15

Back in the studio this week to talk about necking goldfish, cheating with little tents and some lucky tucker. We test the boy's memory and see how much they have forgotten already of Blackpool 2015.

Roddy McGhie sounds like he's playing with himself but it's ok, as we are giving away a signed copy of his fantastic new effect, 'Sew On! And finally, this week's Mass Debate is all about what magic you carry on you. Enjoy Kachapas!

Ep24 - 'Blackpool Rocks!' - 27/02/15

This week our show is recorded on location at the Blackpool Magic Festival 2015, we chat to British Magical Championship's Winner Matthew Wright, and Runner Up Wayne Goodman. Mark Bennett and Rich Newman tell us a little about Illusions Bar and the 'Bar Magician of the Year' award.

Plus, we have a rather candid interview with Lee Hathaway and Lee Warren on the recent push for younger members at The Magic Circle. All this and lots more in this Blackpool special!

Ep23 - 'Signy Shoots' - 13/02/15

This week... We get ready for Blackpool with Tic Tacs, Funky Cold Medinas, Watermelons, Hot Coke, Girls with big feathers, Rubix Cubes and Aaron having the hots for Joshua Jay.

Our quiz is all about playing your cards right, Bruce Cervon sounds like he's playing with himself and we hear from you about that one 'working progress' effect.

Ep22 - 'Dogs In Goggles' - 06/02/15

On this week's show, we talk about magical pens making their mark and one guy on youtube shows us a 'magician's eye view'. Plus... Hidden cameras at weddings, Dynamo's new car, Weeman's bum crack and more!

We get the results of #quizgate and play another round of the quiz, this week all about Blaine. Richard Sanders sounds like he's playing with himself and finally... we hear about your memories of the greatest TV magic!

Ep21 - 'How D'ya Like Dem Eggs?' - 30/01/15

This Week, performing for dummies, iMarvin, a quiz of questionable completion and we hear what you guys think is the most overused, tacky, 'no, the clean one' patter lines.

Ep20 - 'The One Where Jonti's Mic Is Rubbish' - 23/01/15

This Week, Jonti sounds like he's in the bath. We talk about a star studded session and the perils of not showing up at a party. We play our quiz, which this week is full of balls (and cups) and we get your ideas on how to deal with 'Mr. Know It All'

Ep19 - 'Due To The Lack Of Aaron' - 16/01/15

On this week's show, honoured magicians and dishonest magic shows as we talk in-depth about 'Now You See It'. Jordan plays his easiest ever quiz and we hear what you guys have spent the most money on in magic!

Ep18 - 'Big Flowery Dresses' - 09/01/15

This week, a TV special, we chat about Darcy Oake and 'Now You See It', another round of our infamous 'record breaking' quiz, and we get your best ever reactions!

Ep17 - 'Free Chips' - 02/01/15

Happy New Year! This week, we bring in 2015 with speed cubing, magic on boats and 'the lads', plus all your usual favourites!

Ep16 - 'Christmas Neck Cracker' - 26/12/14

Merry Christmas! Join us as we take a festive look at Magic and Magicians, with hypnotists on the naughty list and magician's and their 'offices', plus... a christmassy quiz, Jordan gets a special gift from Santa himself and magical goodies all around!

Ep15 - 'Indiana Jones And The Great Reactions Of Fear' - 19/12/14

This week, we take a look at Dynamo's Pet Panda, Houdini turns in his newly refurbished grave, Aaron and Jordan battle it out in our weekly Pop Quiz and we hear what you guys have wasted your money on. PLUS we announce our first lecturer for Deception Convention 2015!

Ep14 - 'Return Of The Cack' - 12/12/14

'Series 2' of the show kicks off this week, as we welcome new host Jordan O'Grady, bow down to our robot overlords, look at the growing world of magic podcasts and find out what YOUR first magical purchase was! It's good to be back!

Series 1

Ep13 - 'Organic' - 23/05/14

On the show... Baftas, Gumballs and Nail Guns. We review 'Open Dreams' by Daniel Young and we hear your thoughts on the most overused, 'reputation making', 'in the hands' phrases in magic adverts and DVDs.

Ep12 - 'You Wouldn't Do It With Pork Chops' - 09/05/14

Slow news week on today's show means we talk about a non magical youtube video and a story that doesn't exist. We review 'Wallet Weapon' by Lloyd Barnes, debut our BRAND NEW feature and we get your stories about the strangest reactions you've ever had.

Ep11 - 'Lodging A Complaint' - 25/04/14

This week... Magic gambles, 'Just Like That' and the murky depths of BGT. Plus we review 'The Diver's Lung Tester' by Jordan O'Grady and look at your 'love/hate' relationships with magic!

Ep10 2.0 - 'Here We Go Again!' - 11/04/14

Well, this is embarrassing! Last week's show cut off half way through, and we didn't want you to go without hearing the BRILLIANT Mass Debate, so here it is in all it's sloppy second glory! Full show returns next week!

Ep10 - 'Apple Fools!' - 04/04/14

On the show this week, Teller CAN handle the truth, James Randi tells a Lie and Killer Magic makes it to air. We review 'The Box' by Mark Southworth and hear some of your hilarious stories of stuff going 'a bit Pete Tong'

Ep09 - 'The Ben Sheperd Special' - 28/03/14

On this week's show, The busiest man in showbiz, the uncharitable magician and some 'ruff' magic. We announce our competition winner and review 'Dream Lock' by Alan Wong. PLUS we get your ideas on 'Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow', tricks that won't be around in the future.

Ep08 - 'Apologies To Toyah Willcox' - 14/03/14

This week! Dr Aaron, Laymen talk Troy and Magic gets KILLER. We review 'Flux' by Roddy McGhie and give away a signed copy of 'The Marvelous Nut Dropper' by Matthew Wright, and in our Mass Debate we get your thoughts on using 'New Tricks'.

Ep07 - 'Peach Melba' - 28/02/14

After a week away, we return with Magical Therapy, Scrappy Houdini and Blaine's Muscles. We review Tom Crosbie's 'The Marvellous Pencyclopedia' and we give you our thoughts on this year's Blackpool Convention, including you thoughts on conventions in general.

Ep06 - 'You're Wearing Slippers' - 14/02/14

This Week... Troy tricks it up on TV, Magic battles on SyFy start soon and PD takes the train. We say goodbye to a magical great and take a look at this year's Blackpool Magic Convention, including our 'TOP FIVE TIPS' for surviving the weekend.

Ep05 - 'Tom Jones Syndrome' - 07/02/14

On this week's show... Doc Who, Doc Martens and Doc Eason. We join and start watching our P's and 'Q's'. We review Flash Pen by Alan Wong and get your thoughts on the state of magic on the Tellybox!

Ep04 - 'Stuff Up The Booker' - 31/01/14

On this weeks BUMPER SHOW, we look at McBride's Super Session and the upcoming seige of 'Troy', plus we are joined by our first special guest, Christopher Congreave. Plus, in our 'Mass Debate' we get your thoughts on 'Starting The Charge'

Ep03 - 'Attack Of The Oreo' - 24/01/14

This Week... Stolen Trains, Fool Us over the pond, Vine Magic, 'Prospect' by Sansminds is reviewed and we ask if anyone actually believes in magic?

Ep02 - 'Pain In The Tukhus' - 17/01/14

This week, we look at Paul Daniels' new 'water torture', weigh up the pros and cons of Hello magazine, enter the world or showbussiness for ugly people and review 'One By One' by Chris Webb, plus we tackle this week's Mass Debate... 'To Gimmick Or Not To Gimmick'.

Ep01 - 'Unashamedly' - 10/01/14

This week, we take a look at the upcoming conventions in the UK, tune in to some 'Magic and Illusion TV', give away a SIGNED copy of Garrett Thomas' Stand Up Monte and get your thoughts on the state of magic clubs.

Ep00 (Pilot) - 'The M Word' - 20/12/13

In this pilot episode, we look at Penn and Teller crossing the pond, Batman vs David Copperfield and Dr. Dynamo. We review 'Rope, Nut, Knot' by Giovanni Livera and we get your thoughts on the 'M' word!